{{title:words:10}} {{excerpt:words:30}}... VIEW {{title:words:10}} Museums and collectors are showing interest in works by developmentally and intellectually challenged artists, many of whom were nurtured in a vibrant Oakland, Calif., center.... VIEW {{title:words:10}} {{excerpt:words:30}}... VIEW {{title:words:10}} Art in Embassies and Jenny Holzer Present THE PEOPLE – A Tribute to Democracy on View on the National Mall... VIEW {{title:words:10}} Angel Rafael “Ralph” Vázquez-Concepción, a visual artist and independent curator visited Kazakhstan as part of the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies program.... VIEW {{title:words:10}} During a short visit to Portugal today to attend the 60th anniversary celebration of the ‘Art in Embassies’ program promoted by the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, First Lady Jill Biden... VIEW {{title:words:10}} {{excerpt:words:30}}... VIEW {{title:words:10}} Artist Terrol Dew Johnson and architects Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch, have created a monumental work of line and light that draws on the algorithmic structures of basket-weaving for U.S.... VIEW {{title:words:10}} This video highlights the event at the Kennedy Center which hosted the start of the Democracy Collection programming of Art in Embassies. ... VIEW {{title:words:10}} WJLA - As part of the Art in Embassies Democracy Collection announcement, the United Ukrainian Ballet performs at Kennedy Center, highlighting culture amid ongoing war... VIEW {{title:words:10}} Art in Embassies artist Sean Scully installed Golden Frieze as part of the U.S. Embassy London Art in Embassies Permanent Collection.... VIEW

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US Ambassador Fisher: Space knows no boundaries

US Embassy in Cyprus hosts NASA scientist, Dr. Alexandra Lockwood, as she highlights discoveries of the James Webb telescope at ''Art in Embassies'' exhibition

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3 Questions is a video interview series celebrating Art in Embassies lending artists. These artists represent a variety of backgrounds, mediums, and subject matter, and, through AIE, they have exhibited around the world. 

Our ever-expanding collection of conversations encompasses their journeys, creative processes, and what it means to them to be artists. 

“…The Art in the Embassies program is based upon the belief that it is important for Embassies of the United States to reflect current and traditional culture of this country in an effective manner.”

Congressional Record 1965

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